10 amazing Baby Shower Games to play

Baby Shower Games to play

Check out these 30 awesome baby shower games that don’t suck! These games are fun for all types of guests, because no one wants to play boring games at a baby shower!

  1. Blindfolded Diaper Changing

    Collect a few baby dolls and a pack of diapers. Put all the diapers on the baby dolls one by one. If you’re really feeling saucy, you can add a spoonful of jelly to the diaper before putting it on the baby doll.

    Next, blindfold several of your guests (one for each baby doll). Now, have them race to remove the dirty diaper, wipe the baby-doll clean, and put a new diaper on. Whoever finishes first is the winner!

  2. Before They Were Famous

    Find photos of celebrities from their childhood (they’re out there, trust us). Display the photos and have your baby shower guests try to figure out which stars are in them!

  3. Poop Inspector

    Melt 10 different candy bars in small, microwave-safe bowls. Place them all out on a table and have guests guess what type of candy bar each bowl contains.

  4. Big-Belly Twister

    Have everyone place a blown-up balloon underneath their shirt on their tummy. Then play a game of Twister! Anyone whose balloon pops is out.

  5. Ice Baby Breaker

    This is literally an ice-breaker game! The night before the shower, put tiny plastic babies into an ice cube tray and fill with water. You may need to fill more than one ice tray. When the guests arrive, have them pick one piece of ice and place it in their drink.

    The objective is to yell out, “I have a baby!” when your tiny baby has fully separated and melted from the ice cube. Whoever has their baby first wins the game.

  6. Baby Drawings

    Pass around a sturdy paper plate and marker to each guest. Instruct them to draw a picture of a baby, and whoever has the best drawing wins. But there’s a catch: they have to draw a baby with the paper plate placed on top of their head. This one should get interesting!

  7. Relay Race

    Get some exercise by holding a relay race for you and your guests to compete in. Events might include changing a diaper, filling a baby bottle with formula, and pushing a stroller through an obstacle course.

  8. Don’t Let Your Water (Balloon) Break!

    Fill up a big bucket of water balloons. Create a starting line and a finish line. Place a bucket or large bowl for each person along the finish line.

    Guests must hold the water balloons between their knees and waddle to the finish line, then drop the full water balloon into the bucket. If the water balloon bursts, they must go back to the starting line and begin again.

  9. Baby Pool

    Have each person try to guess the exact date and time of birth of the baby that’s on the way. If you want to make things interesting, let each person throw one dollar into an envelope along with their prediction. Whoever is closest to the real date and time of birth wins the cash!

  10. Baby Shower Charades

    Turn this classic family game into a special baby shower game! All you need to do is choose baby-related words and phrases.

    You can pick simple phrases like “dirty diaper” and “breastfeeding,” or you can make things more difficult by choosing baby idioms (e.g. “don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater,” “smooth as a baby’s bottom,” etc.).

Have fun playing these fun baby shower games and showering the mom to be!

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