How to cater an event like the pros

The Cheapest way to cater an event

Event planners want every aspect of your event to be memorable. Your catering selections can make a huge impact on event guests for better or for worse. In order to get the most out of your catering strategy, here are a set of 5 ground breaking catering ideas for your next event that will surely make your attendees’ overall event experience more pleasant!

1. Give Guest Options

Worried if your attendees won’t like your catering choices? Certainly, you should provide what your attendees want. If perhaps your event management system has customizable registration options, just add an option on the registration  page asking what the attendee would prefer! Or, if you are an event planner who plans numerous events per year, then just build a survey after your event to ask attendees what catering options they would prefer for future years.

2. Make Sure to Choose Unique Foods

Average food options lead to average event experiences. If you would like your event to be noticeable, why shouldn’t the catering options follow suit? Consider offering exotic food choices at your next catering endeavor, like these rice crispy burgers! To discover even more unique food options, consider looking at out social media websites  like Pinterest to find more ground breaking catering ideas.

3. Become friends with a famous chef

What better way to implement ground breaking catering ideas than to partner with a well-known chef? If you have the budget, look into the Celebrity Chef Networking to choose from five-hundred celebrity chefs for your next event! This website features big names like Anthony Bourdain, Adam Gertler, and Amanda Freitag!

4. Present Creatively

Do not worry  if your on a tight budget! You can produce some awesome catering ideas by presenting food that is otherwise simple. Creating interactive food displays is a great way to make your catering options more interesting for your event participants.

Another great way to make your attendees’ catering options fun and exciting is to make every aspect edible. Take a look at FoodieSpoon for some amazing|wonderful|great} ideas on edible products

5. Match Meals to the Location

Take advantage of your specific event location by offering matching caterers options. For example, perhaps you should serve Cajun food to help make the most out of your new York event location! An additional great way to tart up your catering options is to choose a food theme, or a recurring ingredient throughout all meals. For instance, you can serve a sausage entree, Maple-Bourbon Bacon Doughnuts for dessert, and of course, bacon cocktails!

The food at your event or conference can truly change the way an attendee experience your event, particularly if the food that you present feels new and fresh.

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