what should you do when planning a party by yourself

Have you got a huge event by yourself or someone near you to Celebrate? Celebrations are, by explanation, fun events, but unless you have a whole lot of experience planning a party, it could be confusing and lots of work. This is also true if everything is defer to the last second.

Skylight Banquet Hall is the leading event space that has managed hundreds of Events of varied sizes, so we realize something or two about tugging a successful party together. Below are a few basic techniques for planning for a great event without adding any longer stress to your day-to-day life!

At the five week mark before the date of the party, you’ll want to make the following decisions and complete related tasks:

  • Pick a cool theme! Birthday parties, wedding showers, and baby showers are even more fun with a creative, thoughtful theme.
  • Make a guest list of all the great people you or the other guest of honor would like to see.
  • Choose a venue to rent, Do you want to host the party indoors or outdoors? Is this an event suitable to host at home, or do you need to reserve space at a restaurant or event hall?
  • Decide on the day’s activities; what time to eat, what games to play, what crafts to do, etc.
  • Purchase supplies like games, craft components, invitations, favors, decorations, wrapping paper, disposable dishes, and piñatas.
  • Book entertainment if you decide to hire any. DJs, bands, birthday party clowns, dancers, etc should all be booked with a deposit and written confirmation.

Four weeks prior to the party, distribute invitations requesting RSVP’s by a particular date and time. In the event that you asked people via social media or a web based invitation platform, you might like to talk with them immediately as well.

Fourteen days before your event, be sure to complete many of these:
-Follow-up with friends who haven’t RSVPed yet.
-Pick out awards for games and protect them.
-If catering your party, order the cake and other food stuffs.
-Confirm your entertainment.
-If this party is a grown-up event, seek the services of a babysitter with a great deal of notice.

With seven days left, you should:
-Contact your affirmed guests to help remind them of the day, and make sure they understand how to the get to the location.
-If your event has been catered, choose the most shelf-stable refreshments and materials you’ve planned. Any other thing more perishable such as avocados for guacamole should be purchased only two days beforehand.
-Make the party bags predicated on confirmations.
-Prepare the crafts and game titles.

The day before:
-Prepare any foods that will store and reheat well if you are home-cooking for the event.
-Set up décor and seating. In the event that you rented a hall in queens, you can usually ask to enter the night time before to create, but if indeed they have a morning hours event you might have to do some ninja designing soon before your party.

Now you know the tips of planning a event with just a little organization and scheduling, your party can be a hit! For events like parties, that tend to have smaller guest lists, we love to offer our skylight hall to rent in queens, a comfortable space with a photo booth inside and many seating options that easily accommodates up to 75 guests. To view the space or request a quote 917-755-8177


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