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Small weddings naturally shows intimacy and a special atmosphere. They're also more economical for you and easier to plan! Still, that's not all! Hosting a small wedding has a lot more benefits! Being surrounded by the people you genuinely care about and love at an intimate wedding is an amazing choice. What's even better is that you won't have to worry about hosting a party solely to impress guests. You may personalize every aspect of the event to make it clearly say "YOU," from the location to the ambiance of the space. With our small wedding venue in queens with will make sure your dream wedding come true.

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Small Wedding Reception Venue

If the thought of gathering 200 friends and family members on your wedding day seems overwhelming, you might have considered eloping. However, exchanging vows without your favorite people present may not be the ideal solution. If you prefer intimate gatherings over big crowds, you might want to host your nuptials on a much smaller scale. Small weddings typically involve 30 to 60 guests, while a very small wedding, or a micro wedding, consists of 20 or fewer guests. However, what one couple considers “small” may not align with another couple’s definition, so what constitutes a small wedding is ultimately up to you.
The benefits of throwing a small wedding are endless. A more intimate affair will allow you to focus on personalization, thereby creating a more meaningful experience for you and your guests. Small weddings give you the ability to spend more quality time with loved ones compared to large weddings. Additionally, with fewer guests, you’ll be able to lower the overall bill or have more room within your budget to splurge on some of your top priorities. Shrinking your event down to a cozy size doesn’t mean you have to skimp on any of the details.
Fewer guests and a bigger budget means you can go all out on decorations and activities such as an interactive drink display at cocktail hour, a statement overhead installation at your reception, or a fireworks show at the end of the evening. Scaling back your guest list also means you’ll have to think strategically about your venue, floor plan, timeline, and any other logistics. Below, we cover all of the planning details you’ll need to keep in mind, plus inspiration for dressing up your event and using the space wisely, according to wedding planners. Ahead, are 40 small wedding ideas for an intimate affair.
Our party halls are in high demand for wedding receptions, wedding ceremonies, wedding anniversaries, and engagement parties. We offer an ideal wedding venue to celebrate your special day. They say bigger is better but bigger isn't always better! Looking for a small, intimate wedding reception venue in Queens for 75 guests or less? 

What comes with the Wedding Hall Rental

  1. 2 hours to set up
  2. 5 hours of wedding reception time
  3. chafing racks to warm food
  4. Kitchen with sink, fridge, and ice machine
  5. 2 bathrooms
  6. Parking in the rear of the hall

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Wedding Ceremony Venue

A wedding ceremony involves a significant amount of coordination, from the guests' arrival and seating to the exit strategy for all participants. Creating a wedding ceremony outline can help ensure a smooth day.  It's essential to consult the officiant before finalizing any changes to your ceremony plan. Without a clear plan, miscommunication may arise on the big day. Establishing a plan ensures that everyone knows their roles during the ceremony. While specific details may vary based on the venue, party size, and religious service type, certain traditional elements are standard across all ceremony types. Planning details such as seating arrangements, the bridal party's positions, and the order of the parents' procession should be addressed well in advance. Leaving some aspects to unfold naturally is fine, but thorough planning is crucial for a seamless ceremony.




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