Inexpensive bridal shower venues in Queens New york

There isn’t a better way to honor a bride-to-be than with a bridal shower. Next, the wedding ceremony is one of the most memorable events in life. If you are looking for inexpensive bridal shower venues near me in queens look no further.

We are a centrally located hall and serve as the perfect venue for your event. Our lavish décor heightens the senses and provides a captivating ambiance for the event. We have a large open space and can astonishingly organize the event. skylight event space acts as a stupendous bridal shower venue in Jamaica queens and our promise to you is, that we will work around your budget and organize a dream event that will stay framed in your memories. Our event planners will talk to you regarding the details of the event and offer you a wide choice of themes.

If you have a theme of your own we would meticulously plan and execute it to perfection.  Our crew will decorate the venue with fresh flowers and other decorative items that will catch the attention of your guests immediately.

Book our Inexpensive bridal shower venues in Jamaica Queens for Pre-Wedding Parties

We are a full service inexpensive bridal shower venue near me in queens New York and also allow you to bring your food and drinks. This bridal shower hall holds up to 75 guests and is the perfect space for a intermate bridal shower. So get in contact with one of our bridal shower planners to get this party started. Bridal showers should be something you remember. Why not make yours a little stand out with the right venue?

To know more about our bridal shower venue packages you can reach us at  or call us at 718-525-2222

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