Do Men attend Baby Showers

Do men Attend Baby showers?

Well, you want to know do men attend baby showers? Listen, The guest list for baby showers has been evolving. Traditionally, baby showers were typically attended by women only, specifically close female friends, family members, and certain coworkers of the mother. This was influenced by traditional gender roles, where mothers were primarily responsible for childcare. According to, there is a higher societal expectation for women to be actively engaged in parenting compared to men. However, numerous men are now taking on a more hands-on role in the upbringing of children. With evolving views on parenting, many baby showers are now welcoming men as attendees.

Are Baby Showers only for Women?

In the past, baby showers were traditionally hosted for mothers and the women in their circle. While men were not explicitly excluded, conversations about childbirth and postnatal care were typically considered inappropriate for mixed company. As times have changed, baby showers are no longer viewed as exclusively female events. With many men now taking on more active roles in parenting, it's becoming more common for them to participate in celebrating the impending arrival of a child. Some men have even started organizing their baby shower alternatives, such as "diaper parties" or "bachelor parties," where guests focus on sports and bringing diapers instead of traditional gifts. This trend offers a fun way for men to join in the festivities and bond over impending fatherhood. Today, it's not uncommon to see men involved in modern baby showers, adding a new dynamic to these gatherings. Embracing this shift can lead to entertaining and memorable celebrations, as seen in this amusing video featuring men sporting pregnant balloon bellies.

Fathers do attend baby showers?

The growing popularity of coed showers is driven by more fathers desiring to be part of the celebration. Nowadays, many couples view their baby showers as an opportunity to unite their families and communities, making it an important event for both parents. However, the choice for a father to attend typically depends on each couple. Despite the shift towards coed showers, there are still situations where the father may not be present. Some women might anticipate the baby shower as their special day and opt not to involve the father. It is important to handle this matter delicately, ensuring it aligns with the father's wishes. If the father wishes to participate, it is a discussion that the expectant parents should have.

  What Do Guys Do During a Baby Shower?

Men participate in baby showers just like women do! They join in celebrating the mom or couple, bring gifts, and savor the food and entertainment. Involving the important men in your life can enhance the event, particularly the father. The presence of other men who have already gone through fatherhood allows them to offer valuable advice and wisdom to the new parents. The perspective of a father was often missing from baby showers in the past.

Etiquette Guide

When men are included in the baby shower, traditional etiquette may go out the window, but that can be a positive change! Many traditional etiquette practices are outdated. However, there are still important considerations when hosting a coed shower, whether for yourself or a family member. It's essential to ensure that male guests feel welcomed and included! For instance, many men may not be accustomed to discussing the nitty-gritty aspects of pregnancy and childbirth. Therefore, it might be best to avoid detailed discussions about the less pleasant aspects of having a baby when men are present, especially if they are sensitive to such topics.


Consider incorporating activities that appeal to male attendees at your baby shower. Traditional games like guessing the mom's belly circumference may not be engaging for everyone. Instead, opt for interactive and competitive options such as stroller races or diaper-changing relay races. These games can help create a more inclusive and enjoyable experience for all guests, including men. Embrace the idea of coed baby showers as a modern and welcomed trend in celebrating parenthood. Excite male baby shower guests by organizing games they are comfortable with, such as stroller races, adding a competitive physical touch. In this game, participants race around an obstacle course while pushing a stroller. Another engaging game is the diaper-changing relay race, where guests quickly change a doll's food-filled diapers. Tailor the games to suit your guests. Find more ideas in our article on baby shower games for men. Men attending baby showers are no longer considered unusual, as they are more involved in parenting. co-ed baby showers are becoming more common.

  Do Men Go to Baby Showers – Conclusion

So, to answer your question do Men attend baby showers? The answer is yes. it is no longer considered taboo. With men taking a more active role in parenting, their participation in baby showers is on the rise. Coed baby showers are becoming more common as a result. if you need a baby shower venue call Skylight Hall.

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