3 Ways to Plan a birthday Halloween Party in Queens

Plan Your birthday Halloween Party with Us

skylight Reception Hall provides you with the best place for Halloween party queens. We are one of the best cheap party halls in jamaica queens with a spacious kitchen and in-house services including decoration, catering and entertainment. So, when you are looking for the best Halloween party hall, come to us. Apart from weddings and receptions, we also offer our hall for private parties and nonprofit parties for the people in queens. Enjoy your Halloween with us. What ideas you can go for? Take a look.

Perfect Décor

Halloween is supposed to be spooky and that is why the décor should be perfect. Consult with our in-house team of decoration to create the perfect setting for the party. Lantern lights, spooky webs and bats, pumpkins and a little bit of gothic touch will be perfect for your Halloween party. We are one of the best party venues in queens that can pull it off.

Spooky Food

You might be surprised to see what our caterers can do with round cream cheese, olive and food coloring. It will be like you are served with eyeballs. There can be many other creative ways to serve the food on Halloween so that it perfectly goes with the mood.


This will be crucial for the party. This is probably going to be a family party where elders, as well as kids, will be participating in different costumes. So, you have to plan accordingly. You will get the dance floor and the lights in the hall. You can show something spooky with a projector. Our DJ will compile the perfect playlist for the party.

So, when you are looking for party halls in queens, come to us. skylight party Hall is the best place for you to have Halloween party this year. Dial 718-525-2222 now.

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