How to rent a meeting room for the day

With regards to holding meetings in the corporate world, most people immediately think of the very most popular Places like  New York, LAChicago and Washington D.C. While these locations do offer a great deal of cheap meeting room to hold meetings, will this mean companies stationed in more rural areas need to come hundreds of miles to host a meeting? Parts of the united states that are not renowned for metropolitan development can still carry fully staffed meetings at a elegant yet affordable locations, if you know where to find them..

Before you book a meeting room, keep these four essentials in mind

1. Meeting room ambiance

Not all meeting rooms are created equal. Neither are the kinds of meetings you host.

Ideally, you want a meeting space that complements the nature of your meeting. For instance:

  • If you’re meeting with clients or prospects, pick a room that projects professionalism.
  • For all-day workshops, you might need a flexible space with on-site catering.
  • Are presentations on the agenda? You might want a small stage. At the very least, you need high-quality event A/V equipment.
  • Consider the size, too: Do you want the room to feel spacious or full when all the attendees are there?

2. Facility offerings

When considering a conference room rental, you need to know what’s included. There are a few basic things you might need, such as:

  • Reliable Wi-Fi for all attendees
  • A microphone for speakers
  • A projector
  • Video conferencing capabilities
  • A printer

If something isn’t included in the meeting room rental cost, it’s a new line item — and you’ll need to budget for it.

On-site support is another factor. For example, on-site IT staff or caterers can take a lot of weight off your shoulders. The last thing you need is for the tech to fail in the middle of the meeting without any support on hand. Figure out what kind of support is included with your meeting rental before you select a venue.

3. Actual meeting room rental cost

Let’s talk numbers. Before signing any contracts, you need to figure out the meeting room cost — and more importantly, the hidden event planning costs involved.

In addition to the actual conference room rental rate, look out for added costs like:

  • Setup and strike fees
  • Access to power
  • Taxes
  • Service fees
  • Tips

Run through the exact costs of the meeting room rentals before signing on the dotted line. Event budget pro tip: add a line item for unexpected costs just in case. You never know when these might come up:

Once you know the costs associated with renting a conference room, consider the payment terms. Is a deposit required? If so, what percentage? Will you have to pay a balance before or after the event? What payment options are available? Finding out how much you’ll need to pay and when will help you pick the best meeting room rental for your budget.

4. Convenience and accessibility

Keep your attendees in mind when selecting the meeting room. You want to create a convenient experience for them by:

  • Choosing a nearby location, so that there’s very little travel involved
  • Arranging ample parking for free or a low cost
  • Helping attendees travel via public transportation

While it could be cheaper to choose a meeting venue that is a little bit far away, it could be inconvenient for your attendees.

For attendees who may need additional physical accessibility, find a space that can accommodate. Is there a ramp available? Where are the elevators? These may not be immediately obvious, so ask the venue for guidance. If the venue has some limitations (for example, wheelchair ramps aren’t close to the main meeting room), equip your self with extra staff and signage on the day of your event.

Meeting room rentals will vary from property to property. Be sure to consider these four things before you rent a conference room for your event.

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