How to plan a Baby Shower

Are you a expecting mother who’s starting to consider what you might want from your baby shower? I am here to help!  Im here to give you a outline on how to plan a baby shower so it will be a success. What comes to your mind when asking yourself how to plan a baby shower?

Best baby Shower Checklist

Who will Host the baby Shower?

The first item to handle is finding out who’s hosting.  Could it be just you or is it possible to bring about a team?  I’ve hosted showers with “partners” which is a breeze to divide and conquer with, and I’ve also hosted for large organizations.  Working with an organization can often be stressful if you want things to be achieved a certain way, but there are certainly financial benefits!  My advice if hosting with a huge group is to learn your role.  Maybe the group is relying on you to definitely take the reigns or is another person the boss?  If so, simply take your project and check in every once in awhile with your progress.

I’m an enormous fan of group email to keep everyone on the right track and run ideas by.

Numero Uno bit of advice when co-hosting is to always run costs by everyone before buying something.  You never really know what others were thinking about spending for the shower.  I have a friend who was simply co-hosting with several other females and assumed she’d was going to be spending around $100-$150 for her portion of the expenses.  One of the other females thought she’d only owe $30.  You do not want to be the female who eventually ends up spending triple on the assignment than everybody else.

Date & Baby Shower Venue

Another key item to do as soon as possible is the date.  Obviously you will need to be sure to make certain it is suitable for the guest of honor, but make sure you include other key friends like the other hostesses and parents of the mom-to-be.  I’ve no problems with shooting an instant email to these VIP friends to mark their calendars a few months before the real invites go out.

The Baby shower Venue is definitely the hardest element in planning a  shower and most likely the biggest element in what your budget will be.  Hosting at someone’s home can make things just a little cheaper; however, it will be a lot more work – so depending on size of the group, I prefer to have it host at a restaurant.


If you’re going the house route, you will need to think very carefully about extra things such as serving trays, silverware, seating, furniture, and parking.  You do not want extra costs to creep through to you because you didn’t think it through – and believe me, I speak from experience!  Ideally, when there is something you do not have, you can just acquire it from a pal or other hostess.  I’ve went both routes, the homemade food route where each hostess brings a dish and the catered route.  My go-to party venue in Jamaica queens is Skylight hall- you will not be disappointed!

Baby Shower Theme & Invites

The simplest way to pick a style for the baby shower is to learn the way the mommy-to-be is decorating the nursery.  In this manner all the shower décor can increase as nursery decoration!  Obviously, run this by the mom-to-be to be sure that she is pleased with this idea.

For invites, it is nice to execute a paper invitation therefore the honoree has a great keepsake for her baby book and that is yet another item you may use as decor at the baby shower!  Do not forget to include where in fact the honoree is registered either on the invitation or an insert.  I’ve read before that it is tacky to get this done, but nowadays I’ve yet to see this info NOT included – therefore i say do it now.  It certainly makes it easier for the guest to to find the registry info.


I always consider Etsy for my baby shower invites, but our sponsor Crowning Details has some lovely options in their shop too!  I look for something that suits the theme and then personalize it after that.  I choose the digital file that you’ll print out yourself.  My go-to place for printing is Office Depot/and i  usually purchase envelopes at Michael’s.  Very reasonable and a lot of options!


Try to select a couple of adorable elements you can give attention to for baby shower.  You certainly do not need to decorate every inch of your house or restaurant.  Just a couple fun items that the honoree and friends will get fired up over and warm-up the room. Some great Ideas are a diaper cake, banner, onesie banners, or cupcakes, or stuffed pet animal display.  I really like trying to think about a few items that wont only look great at the shower but can look great in the nursery – just like a wreath or framed artwork.  Even a gigantic monogram of the baby’s name.

It doesn’t matter what the theme or location is – I usually try to execute a few small floral agreements for the occasion.  You may make them yourself or work with a professional.  Either way works.  When possible, it’s a good gesture to provide the agreements to the honoree and her family to collect by the end of the Baby shower.

Food & Drinks

Drink and food tend to be the hardest decision for me personally, and this will depend mostly on how big is the shower, period,as well as your budget.  If you don’t have a huge budget, do not be concerned! You could have a wonderful baby shower without spending a whole lot.  I would suggest having it at someone’s home and that means you need not pay minimums and room fees.  You could have a “brunch” shower with plenty of yummy breakfast time foods and juices that have a tendency to be less costly. Try to do it in the evening between lunch time and dinner.

Serving liquor will dramatically make your spending go up, if you have a small budget, I say neglect it.  It’s a good touch when you can find the money for it, but it isn’t like the honoree will be partaking in it!  Punch or lemonade, tea, and drinking water are perfectly acceptable.  If I’m hosting at a home rather than a restaurant, I love to do drinking water bottle brands.

Water Bottles

If you’re having it at a restaurant, you are able to do a set menu which means you can control what’s ordered and put in.  make the restaurant make a printed menu or you can create one yourself, make it easy on you and your friends.  Communicate in advance with the personnel on what you are prepared to pay for.  The largest question being alcoholic beverages or no liquor.  It honestly will not matter – just decide and speak with everyone dealing with the function that day so there is absolutely no confusion or uncomfortable situations.

Baby shower Games and Gifts

I’m most likely the wrong woman to enquire about shower games because I actually can’t stand them.  I’ve done all of them though, if you love them – do them!  There will be the classics like the infant food guessing game, poopy diaper bag of chips game, and speculating how big is the mom-to-be’s growing tummy – proceed with caution on this one. lol. If you’re around a group of people, There will Start up a conversation rather than stopping to play a game.  If you’re attending the shower with strangers, a game can often be awkward. A very important factor I don’t care to do is take time to create something special for child or new mommy.

Regarding gifts, remember when planning that a lot of people prefer to see their gift opened up at the shower.  This always will take additional time than you anticipate, and I love to be respectful of people’s time – therefore I like for the gift-opening to be the key event.

As For your present, if you planned the baby shower with several hostesses, consider putting your money alongside one another and get a group gift. That is a good way for the mom-to-be to get something “more expensive” on her registry that she actually is less likely to receive as a present, like a baby stroller or infant chair.  You can even assign this to 1 of the hostesses, so you can have additional time for planning the shower!

Baby Shower Favors

There are always a million things you can do for a great baby shower favor, to thank your friends and family for coming, but i want to make it very  simple for you – cookies!  Simply take this concern off your list and order enough cookies for 1 per visitor with a few extras for you and also to share with the honoree to give to her hubby if he wants it.  The very best part is these can be put at each place setting or on your tablescape to increase as party decorations!  1. order from cookiedonyc – these are known in queens as the best cookies that they will organize with any theme.  Just buy clear  bags from Michael’s and tie up with a coordinating ribbon.


If you’re super against cookies {how dare you} another good plan that  I spent some time making for a Baby Showers was providing each visitor a lavender sachet.

I hope this can help the next time you are hosting a baby shower celebration in the queens area!  My biggest suggestion is  to enjoy it!

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