Baby Shower Venues: How to pick the Perfect Size for Your Event


Determining the optimal size venues for baby shower is no longer confined to traditional norms of larger gatherings. In the past, baby showers might have seen a throng of 60 or 80 ladies reveling in an afternoon of joy. However, contemporary lifestyles, smaller families, and budget considerations have ushered in an era of more intimate and smaller-scale celebrations.

Whether the decision to host a modest baby shower is a matter of choice or necessity, questions may arise about how small is too small for such an event. Remarkably, with thoughtful planning, there is no definitive lower limit for a baby shower. Even with single-digit attendees, the possibilities are diverse, ranging from casual lunch gatherings with friends, a post-birth meet-the-baby occasion, to elegant high tea events, or any other creative ideas.

When considering the number of attendees for a typical baby shower, opinions may vary. Generally, most agree that a range of 15 to 30 attendees for a ladies-only event and around 30-40 for a coed gathering is ideal. These numbers are influenced by factors such as family size, the number of friends, and work colleagues involved.

Typically held at private residences, baby showers may face space constraints in accommodating more than 20 people. For larger events, booking a venue is an option, although some expectant mothers may prefer the intimacy of celebrating at home.

Deciding on the guest list is crucial, including close friends, family, and colleagues of the mother-to-be. Automatic invitations extend to siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins, while colleagues may be included, depending on preferences. Additionally, considerations about whether children will attend or not should align with the mother-to-be’s wishes.

While the notion of “the more, the merrier” may prevail, it is crucial to be mindful of the mother-to-be’s preferences. Any gathering exceeding 50 attendees could pose challenges in planning, logistics, and expenses. Coordinating activities and ensuring everyone is adequately catered to become more complex with larger crowds.

For those opting for a super-small baby shower, various alternatives exist beyond the traditional style. Ideas such as Jack and Jill parties, stock the nursery gatherings, baby sprinkles, lunch or dinner parties, and pamper parties cater to diverse preferences and circumstances.

In essence, the ideal size venues for baby shower hinges on the preferences of the parents-to-be and the envisioned guest list. Regardless of the size, Bespoke Baby offers reliable and affordable high-quality baby shower gifts, ensuring a memorable celebration.

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