3 Creative Yet Simple Ways to Plan Your Cozy Wedding with skylight reception Hall

A wedding for some is a grand celebration of their love that they want to celebrate with the whole world. For some their marriage is a private affair, the day and the moments that they want to share only with their near and dear ones. So, if you are one of those people who would like to celebrate the day only with the close loved ones, then you can do that with us, skylight Reception Hall.

When you are looking for the best affordable reception hall in queens and wondering how you can make your special day a cozy one, you must take a look at the following points to know more.

Create the Cozy Setting

skylight Reception Hall is a spacious venue; a hall of 1600 sq. ft that can easily and comfortably accommodate around 75 guests. It is also a cozy warm venue too with the closed-door setting and the spacious welcoming vibe. So, you can easily create the setting with some intimately placed tables and chairs around the hall while warm fabric will cover the furniture. Choose the color palette like white, beige or grey that will help you create the setting you want. Our team of decorators will help you create the look with complete guarantee that it will look just like your dream. This is why we are way ahead of other reception halls in jamaica queens.

Dim the Lights

Yes, your wedding will be really glamorous. And it can still look stunning even when you dim the light. Ditch the bright white fluorescent. Create an intimate setting in the golden glow of place lights. Paired with soft fabric and texture in the décor, the whole place will look exquisite.

Personalize the Hall

Leave your unique imprints on the décor. Create the atmosphere with the personal touches that will exude nothing but a cozy warm fuzziness. Choose the décor items that are significant for both of you. Place the accessories around that will represent what your love stands for.

So, now as you know about these ways you can create our hall a cozy wedding venue, what are you waiting for? Choose us amongst all wedding venues in nyc and we promise we will gift you the wedding of your dream. For more details, call us at 718-525-2222 or visit https://skylighthall.com/.

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