Is renting out party halls for events a wise idea?

I think renting party halls for events is a wonderful idea. Halls are perfect for wedding, wedding reception, engagement party, baby showers, bridal showers, corporate events,  birthday party or any other family event, professional event, partying and participating in a party hall is definitely better than doing it in your own home. There are a couple of things party halls has that can give you a piece of mind when planning the big event. Let us look at some of them below

Among the many advantages of renting a party hall for an occasion are:

  1. Space – Halls have more space to offer than a home or a office. Event spaces come in all different sizes based on the square foot of the venue.
  2. Stress Reliver – most halls have event planner where you can hire to plan your event and take the stress off of you. Also a host that will host your event if needed. this way you can sit back and relax.
  3. Amenities – Event halls have alot of different amenities to offer that you cant get throwing your party at home. some amenities are DJ boof with sound system that can cater to a large crowd. In house decor person who can make your event come to life.
  4. Security – when having a party, security is a top priority that most halls come with already.
  5. Cleaning – Hosting a party at your own home can be more work, as you will have to clean up before and after the party. Event spaces you can pay them a fee and they will clean after you

Additional advantages of hiring a party hall for an occasion are as follows:

  1. With venues having a large following on social media, most halls can give you free promotion to their followers about your event. There will be more people knowing about your event if that’s what you want. Its free promotion.
  2. Also Venues can host alot of unique events depending on the size. Maybe you wanted someone flying thorough out the room at your party, I dont think you can do this at your house.
  3. All venues have insurance so you and your guest are insured if anyone gets hurt at your event. That’s definitely a stress reliver knowing everyone is covered.

Several advantages can come from throwing a party at home, as opposed to party halls

  1. Saving Money – you can save thousands of dollars by throwing a party at your home. One of the biggest bill for a party is the space and if you elimiate that bill then that’s a advantage
  2. Control – By throwing a party at your own home, you will have one hundred percent control over the party. Nobody can tell you when to start or end the party. Nobody can tell you how many people can come to your party. Also, you can control over the music, nobody can tell you to turn it down if you playing it too loud inside your home. Lastly, nobody can tell you who to let in your own home.
  3. Comfort – when it contains to the kids, they have the comfort of going to their room if they get tired or the party becomes too much for them. They can always find a nice safe quiet place in the home to run too if needed.
  4. Familiarity: Hosting a party at your own home can make guests feel more comfortable since they are in familiar surroundings. Most times alot of them been there for other events or hung out there.

So the next time you looking to rent out a party hall your your party because you don’t want to do it your home then give skylight hall a call. 718-525-2222 we love have to come and sit with us to go over your ideas. By working with us, you are sure to host the best party New York can provide!

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