Baby Shower Planning Checklist

The appearance of a newborn is a momentous occasion, and a baby shower celebration is the perfect way to rejoice. But the planning for a baby shower can be really tough.

If you want help planning your child baby shower, you're in good hands, because the experts at skylight Banquet Hall are here with some advice. Have a look at our baby shower planning checklist to ensure you get your planning started on the right foot.

10 Weeks Before

Pick a host -- Many baby showers are managed by the mom-to-be and a good friend. Unless you want to take care of the whole baby shower by yourself, consider requesting one of your closest friends to help host the shower, this way you do not get too stressed out before the party.

Establish A Budget -You do not want to overspend when you are having a baby along the way. Make sure to set a budget for your baby shower early on and stay with it, making you save a great deal of money along the way.

Get a party Venue and date - The main aspect of your Baby shower are the location and date. Determine when you wish to have the party far enough beforehand to Make sure you get a great event Venue.

 Make Your guest List -- You can't have baby shower without guests! Put together a list of people like friends, and family that you would like at the baby shower. This way you have an over-all idea of what size the Baby shower will be.

Six Weeks Before

Send Out Invites - You intend to give your friends plenty of time to mark newborn baby shower in their calendars and reply with an answer before the Event. Sending invites six weeks prior to the event is ideal timing. You can also send emailed invites or make a Facebook event for the Shower to get some faster responses!

Plan Your Menu - Everybody loves food. Find some delightful easy recipes you may make yourself or consider getting the baby shower catered. And if you are planning for another person, make sure to think about what foods the Guest of honor loves.

Purchase Some decorations - You do not want to host a bland baby shower . Spice things up with some fun, vibrant, colorful, bright colored decorations. You can also use a DIY design guide to get some fun ideas.

A MONTH Before

Find A LITTLE EXTRA Help - The day of the baby shower could be really hectic. Since its nearer to the function, get a little extra help from good friends for final arrangements.

 Order Your  cake & Sweets - Delicious sweets can make your party stand out. Place your bakery order in, like a month beforehand to make sure you get your order back on the right day.

Prepare Party Game - Party games are a staple at any baby shower Events. Decide which games you'll want play and collect the materials you will need in advance.


Follow-Up With RSVPs - Some individuals prefer to take their nice time as it pertains to RSVPs. Determine if those you haven't heard back from forgot, or if indeed they actually will not be attending.

Find A Professional photographer - You will want to fully capture some memories throughout your baby shower. Choose one of friends and family to be the "specified photographer," this way everyone isn't caught up in their cell phones the complete time snapping pictures.

COME UP WITH Goody Handbags - show your guest and friends you appreciate them with some fun goody handbags.

The Day of the Party

REACH Your Party Hall Early - You want to be sure your event space is set-up properly, and that means you should arrive over a lttle bit early.

HAVE A GREAT TIME - It's your baby shower! You will not have enough time to see your friends so make sure to relax and also have fun when you're able to.

Planning a baby shower can be challenging, but if you begin far enough beforehand and get some good help on the way, everything should go fine. And if you are looking for a party hall in the Jamaica queens area, consider skylight Banquet Hall. Our event venue offers world-class accommodations that fit any budget, providing luxury you will need for wedding ceremonies, baby showers, sociable, corporate events and much more. Contact skylight Banquet Hall today to find out more on scheduling and availability.

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