6 Questions You Must Ask An Event Venues Before Signing



When picking your event venue it’s important to ask the right questions to the personnel so you know you’re getting Just what you want. In order to avoid unpredictable surprises on your big day, get all the details in advance.

What services are incorporated with the event venue?

Most Queens banquet halls provides tables and chairs,linen, silverware, and for your event, but it isn’t guaranteed. Be sure to enquire about these basics, along with inquiring about audio systems, video recording projectors, on-site decorators, and other things you might require. Even if it’s not provided in the standard package, you could be able to work out a deal for it.

Are there other occasions booked on your day?

If you’d like your wedding reception event hall to be accessible throughout the entire day, you may want to book it for the whole day. When there is another event before or after, you’ll be obligated to cleanup/setup faster to be able to support the other event.

Can we use our very own catering company?

Some party halls in queens require the utilization of their own caterer, but others allows outside food. Be sure to ask while touring the event space, particularly if you have a particular caterer chosen.

What’s the restroom situation?

To be able to accommodate all your guests, a event venue will need to have a certain amount of restrooms. Ensure that the event space is not absolutely all party floor with only 1 bathroom.

What’s your policy on alcohol?

If you intend to serve alcoholic beverages, make sure it is allowed at the event venue and their liquor permit is current. Ask if indeed they need a bartender, if hard liquor is allowed, and in case you are permitted to bring in outside the house alcohol.

Any kind of restrictions we should know about?

Sometimes, a wedding venue will plant restrictions on you at the last moment, once you’ve already agreed upon deal and paid the first deposit. Be sure you find out these, like whether you have to shut down the music at a certain hour.

Does your event venue have parking?

Make certain the party hall has either on-site or near by car parking, or offers a valet service, so that more aged guests aren’t pressured to walk blocks to the reception.

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